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Philippe Reinaudo and Luc Guenard were frustrated.

With 35 years of combined experience on hundreds of feature films, they had spent most of their careers on the bleeding edge. As technical leaders at Europe’s largest digital laboratory, they had been at the forefront in the digital cinema age innovating many workflow ‘firsts’ and solving many complex production problems.

And yet they were tired of the lack of a truly dedicated set of tools which made it easy to manage the digital cinema color pipeline from on-set dailies through to the finishing suite. FireFly Cinema was created out of a desire to turn this challenge into an opportunity, and today offers a suite of software solutions that complete the workflow for color professionals everywhere.

Based in France, the birthplace of cinema, FireFly Cinema tools are widely used across European film productions.

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Philippe Reinaudo, CEO and Co-founderLuc&Philippe

Philippe has over 20 years of experience in post-production for film, television and commercials. Prior founding Firefly Cinema in 2010, he was CTO at Paris-based Éclair Laboratories, one of the world’s leading digital cinema laboratories. At Éclair, he supervised the finishing process for over 100 feature films. He led the team that created Europe’s first digital cinema master (DCP) and implemented the first 4K DI workflow. He has also worked as a special effects supervisor on numerous movies.

Luc Guenard, CTO and Co-founder

Luc Guenard has over 15 years of experience in the film industry. He is the former head of R&D at Éclair Laboratories where he developed his specialized engineering skills in color science.  At Éclair, he was in charge of the development of a color grading software and color standardization. Luc is a recognized leader in the art and science of high quality color grading and finishing workflows.