FirePlay Live
High quality on-set live grading tool for digital TV and cinema pros


With FirePlay Live you can see your decisions on a professional monitoring setup. Send your color grading settings to an external LUT Box and watch a real-time preview on a calibrated monitor. Use FirePlay Live to see live grading previews and export your CDLs and LUTs for use in post.


Don’t wait for the studio, make it liveFirePlay Live provides on-set live color grading preview

FirePlay Live is supporting a wide range of devices – from LUT box such as FSI BoxIO, Teradek’s COLR and COLR Duo, Fuji IS-mini, TCube VT3 Fig, Offhollywood OMOD, as well as cameras and monitors such as the Panasonic Varicam, the FSI DM monitors or the Canon DP-V series. See the complete list here.

A Tangent Devices control panel such as the Ripple, the Wave or the Elements can control FirePlay Live.

For capturing still frame from HD-SDI live signals a Blackmagic Design device is supported.



A native speakerFirePlay Live supports all kinds of RAW formats

FirePlay Live supports all kinds of RAW formats up to 4K resolutions including Arri ARRIRAW, REDCODE, RED Epic, Apple ProRes, DPX, OpenEXR, Canon XF-AVC, Panasonic MXF, and many, many more. Avoid the time delay and fidelity loss of transcoding. You can even combine different formats in a single sequence.

A powerful and easy professional media player for Mac. Expand your toolkit, without dealing with the hassle and complexity of using a complicated post/editing tool.


At home on-setMake primary and secondary color grading choices on-set with FirePlay Live

Make fast and artistic primary and secondary color grading choices, and create a look your director will love right on-set. Export your grades as a FireFly FFCG file to ensure the look makes it all the way to the post suite or as a CDL or a 3Dlut.



An integrated workflowFirePlay Live is part of an integrated workflow that includes FireDay for digital dailies management and FirePost for post production

FirePlay Live comes from FireFly Cinema, creator of the Fire Suite of color management products. Use FireFly to begin your workflow and bring your color decisions with you throughout the post and finishing process. Supports the ACES open color standard and the SMPTE ST 2084 transfer function for HDR projects.





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