FIREVISION  is a collaborative cloud-based web app for film production teams

FireFly Cinema, is proud to announce a cloud-based media collaborative service, integrating with their line of high end digital color management solutions:

On set dailies color – backup – shared online collaboration – fully loaded advanced toolset color correction suite – industry recognized deliverables

A new workflow with FireVision :

  •       Upload dailies with CDL data directly via the web interface.
  •       Automatically convert raw files to H.264 online.
  •       Invite people to view the project.
  •       Producers can manage member rights and access to multiple projects.
  •       Share content.
  •       Tag and circle takes.
  •       Add frame accurate notes to any media file with instant team notification.


  •     Centralized collaborative space
  •     Reduce feedback and validation delays
  •     User friendly, cost effective and practical

Productions can now share video files from the set with other team members in remote locations, simplifying the workflow.

The collaborative approach of this workflow enables crew members to view selects, regardless of originating format, create tags, mark circle takes, make frame-accurate comments, and approve digital dailies from any location. Files are saved on the cloud thus eliminating the need for insecure physical media. The web app includes rights and access management to ensure that only authorized members have access to the correct project.


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